Roof Replacement

Work With Roof Replacement Specialists With 50+ Years of Experience in Mesa, AZ

A lot of times people tend to avoid roof replacement and prefer small roof repairs. That could be a viable option, but in the long run, if your roofing system requires a lot of repairs, replacing it could prove a wiser investment. For over 50 years Done Right Roofing has helped countless homeowners and businesses to replace their old and damaged roofs, ensuring their total satisfaction with our workmanship and our customer service. Work with a professional roof replacement contractor that will help you with complete tear-offs and will assess damages while providing you with free estimates before you make any final decisions.

When To Replace Your Roof?

Replacing your roof instead of repairing it is a bigger upfront investment, but in the long run, is beneficial if the structure of your existing roofing system is compromised. Here are some signals that you should consider for getting your roof replaced instead of just repaired:

  • If Your Tile Underlayment is Over 25 Years Old
  • The Damage to Your Roof is More Than it’s Worth to Repair
  • Full Tile and Shingle Replacements, If Necessary
  • Your Shingles Keep Missing in Wind Storms
  • If Any Repair Work Would be A Temporary Fix
  • Patio Replacements

Also, replacing your roofing system will provide you with benefits such as a fresh roof that will not require any type of repair for years to come while also boosting your curb appeal!

Schedule Your Roof Replacement Services And Get Free Estimates!

We understand that replacing your whole roofing system can be intimidating, but it is one of the best investments you can make for your property. As a leading roof replacement company, Done Right Roofing takes pride in providing free estimates for our clients before they make any final decisions. Start living without the fear of your roof failing at any time and work with a professional roof replacement contractor today by calling us at (602) 716-1599.

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